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Justin first asked me to be his “right hand man,” or “wing-man” on a podcast meant to illuminate the minds of you and me to topics and ideas that aren’t actively shared in our modern society. Since I’m a nerd, I instantaneously fell on “side-kick.” And if you know Justin David Lovato (@justindlovato), his wife Stephanie Lovato (@stephjlovato), and their company I Am Built, that’s the role I would have to inhabit. So I embraced the role of side-kick, following the great lineage of Goose to Maverick, Biden to Obama, and Nightwing to Batman (c’mon, please?!).


I first met Justin while working out at Gold’s Gym, The Mecca of Bodybuilding, in Venice, California. That’s right, this guy used to kick it with me at my apartment, before he was THE Justin David Lovato, one of the most well-respected trainers at The Mecca and “overall good dude” 30+ years running. It’s an understatement when I say it’s been enjoyable to witness his ascension 🙂 When we would hang out in those days we would wax philosophical about life…musings that likely built the foundation of this podcast, My Two Cents!


I’m excited to join Justin on the My Two Cents podcast starting in Episode 2, featuring acclaimed documentary filmmaker Chris Bell (@bigstrongfast), award winning director of Prescription Thugs, Bigger Stronger Faster, and Trophy Kids!


Link to My Two Cents episodes:


EPISODE 1: Intro with Justin / His Personal & Professional Life / My Two Cents Begins
EPISODE 2: Guest Chris Bell / Prescription Thugs Documentary / Tales from Gold’s Gym / Addiction & Recovery / Pharmaceutical Industry Secrets
EPISODE 3: Pre-Workout Rituals / Musings on Music / Conscious Living / And Much More!
EPISODE 4: Happy Valentine’s / What’s the Deal with Meat / Love / Other Meanderings…
EPISODE 5: Justin Takes a Trip to Huntington Beach, CA to Chat with Jonathan Phillips of Max Muscle
EPISODE 6: More About Sean / Creating Happiness / Positive Energy (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 7: How to Better Yourself / Significant Others / The Art of Complimenting / Road Rage (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 8: More with Jonathan Phillips of Max Muscle as well as friends of the show, Lee Asher & Lou Ferrigno Jr.!
EPISODE 9: Justin Places at Mr. Universe / How to Get Out of a Funk / Ruminations on the Media / Conspiracy Theories
EPISODE 10: Growing up in NY vs. LA / How Justin Found Enlightenment / Current Events and How to Stay Happy Amid the Chaos (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 11: We Answer Your Questions! / Book Recs / How to Love More / Fun in the DM (One of Our Best Yet!!)
EPISODE 12: Jonathan Phillips (Max Muscle) and Justin help with your health, fitness, and supplement questions
EPISODE 13: Special Guest Steph Lovato and Justin talk about: Healthy Relationships / Entrepreneurship / Fitness (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 14: Current Events / Justin’s Dogs / How to Keep Your Zen Amid the Chaos
EPISODE 15: Training / Female Empowerment / Recent Festivals / Voting & Current Events (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 16: Holidays are Coming / Be Kind / Ranting about the 2016 Election and this Year Overall
EPISODE 17: “The Lost Episodes” / Dealing with Disappointment / Virtuous Cycles / Meditation
EPISODE 18: More w/ Jonathan Phillips (Max Muscle) / One of the Most Informative Yet / Eat Your Veggies!!
EPISODE 19: Politics & Immigration / Organic Products / The IAMBUILT App / Sean Gets Engaged (Editor’s Pick!!)
EPISODE 20: Politics & Legalization (:02) / Sneakers (:33) / Maintain Happiness (:41) / LA’s Finest (:48) / Reminiscing on Old Times (1:19)
EPISODE 21: Materialism (:08) / Intermittent Fasting (:14) / Training XMEN (:24) / Personal Power (:40) / Stay Present (1:16)
EPISODE 22: Being Comfortable Being Alone (:03) / Marriage & Relationships (:14) / Coffee, Bloating & Diet (:21) / Training & Avoiding Injury with CABLE (:36) / Being Your Genuine Self (:57)
EPISODE 23: Thoughts on Marriage / Questions We’re Asked the Most / Voting with our Dollar / Dealing with Negativity / New IAMBUILT Apparel / Focus on What’s Important


Additional time stamps can also be found on Sean’s Instagram @SeanYoonPics
*We’re now on YouTube! From Episode 19 on, please find us via the IAMBUILT channel*
PLEASE NOTE: Language may be NSFW (aka use headphones 🙂 )

About The Author

Mental Gymnastics is supported by a collection of like-minded individuals who have daily happiness practices. They will lend their expertise in various facets of life over time, sharing how and what they've implemented in their lives to achieve a sustainably happy life. Mental Gymnastics was started by Sean Yoon McDevitt, who holds a BA in History from the University of Georgia (while competing as a Division 1 Swimmer), an MBA from the University of Oregon, and an International Association of Meditation Instructors Membership.


  1. Hi Sean,

    I hope all is well with you in Austin. I just felt compelled to want to say Hi! I’ve just finished listening to episode 6 of My Two Cents, and loved every minute, my only complaint, if you can call it that, is that you don’t out more podcasts, but I obviously totally get why, due to all the logistics involved. I emailed Justin after the 1st one and he was awesome enough to reply, along with leaving me his trademark elephant icon🐘, so I was extremely touched as I didn’t hold out much hope of getting a reply due to everyone vying for his attention. I know you spoke a bit about how you both met on your site and during the Podcast but if Justin and you had the time during a future podcast it would be cool to hear both sides as to the very first time you met in the stream of time, and a little more detail as to how your involvement with the podcast came about. You have great chemistry and you bounce of each other so well that possibly it doesn’t need much explaining, but just a thought. Well I hope it was ok to message you and apologise for rambling on so much. Thanks for putting out the love and positivity via Mental Gymnastics and My Two Cents. Much Love and respect from the uk, Ben.🐨
    P.S has anyone ever told you that you pay a passing resemblance to Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks so much for reaching out! Really appreciate you checking out both My Two Cents and Mental Gymnastics, not to mention the JGL compliment haha. You’re right in that Justin is a busy dude! I sometimes wonder how he even responds to me so quickly. I’ll definitely present these suggestions to Justin for the next ep, agree a little more background makes sense. Also kind of you re the “chemistry” comment, I’m grateful to have Justin in my life for myriad reasons 🙂

      Blessings on blessings my friend!

      – Sean

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