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Many of us know Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character from the hit BBC series “Sherlock,” or as “Dr. Strange” in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster of the same name, or as simply his popular nickname “Benedict Cumber-swoon” or various similarities. But do we know who this guy actually is?

As we continue our recent “Meditation in the Wild” series, we find out that Mr. Cumberbatch is quite the meditator and overall interesting individual. Did you know he saved up to take a “gap year” after university to study with Tibetan monks (shameless shout out for the 21st century meditating monks out there)? Did you also know he utilizes meditation on set of his popular TV series and films to find “grace and ease” amid the chaos of a shoot? Well, now you do 🙂


With this new knowledge about its star, it’s very synchronistic that he’s set to play Marvel’s Avenger most interested in the metaphysical, the “woo woo” if you will. Shoot, now I may even have a Benedict Cumber-crush.


If one of the favorite and highly talented actors and performers of our generation is this interested in mindfulness and meditation, it could make sense to look deeper into the practice.


Blessings on blessings,


PS – for more information on Mr. Cumberbatch, check out this article
PPS – if one Googles “Dr. Strange cat” instead of “cast,” they won’t be disappointed 😉

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  1. What a fun fact! 😀 thanks for sharing, even more excited to see the movie now!!

  2. As if I needed more of a reason to love him. This was very interesting, Thanks!

  3. Thanks really practical. Will certainly share website with my friends

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