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I have somewhat of a shoe addiction (there, I said it!). Some who know me well may take the “somewhat of” out of the first sentence, but we all have to come to our truths when it’s right for each of us (or as I keep telling myself, “baby steps”). I bet some of those reading right now could also fall into the category of “shoe-addict” or “sneakerhead.” But do you know how beneficial it is to go WITHOUT shoes in our daily lives?

Apparently it’s huge for human health to go without shoes. Benefits are derived from “reflexology,” or the study of how different areas of the foot correspond with different areas (and sometimes organs) of the body. In addition, restricting the movement of one’s foot or ignoring it altogether can have negative side-effects. At the very least, I’m not buying a smaller shoe-size anymore, even if it’s on sale.


Benefits to going barefoot include: less bodily aches and pains, stronger muscles and joints, improved sleep, and a host of others. These benefits can be derived by simply going barefoot in one’s home; just kick off the shoes when you return from work, and begin to enjoy a healthier life (seriously, it may be that easy).


Getting into the woo woo for a sec, how good does it feel to go barefoot in your yard? Or going barefoot at the local park or lake? Or in nature in general? As one who grew up walking distance from the sandy beaches of Southern California, I can attest to the overwhelming “ahhhh” feeling upon wiggling my toes in the sand. Even now I enjoy heading to Barton Springs here in Austin and wandering around sans sneakers, and apparently for good reason: that reason is called “Earthing.”


Earthing is the idea/theory that we can receive positive energy from the ground beneath us. When one realizes we receive Vitamin D from the sun, oxygen from the air we breath, and nourishment from natural food sources, it’s not a far jump to imagine we could also receive benefits from the earth (hence the name lol).


I went down the Earthing rabbit hole one day and happened upon a dude who had created a pad that he laid outside his window and then connected to his mattress so he could literally sleep on the earth while inside, and still enjoy the Earthing benefits. I don’t even have time to look this guy up again, let alone build my own Earthing pad, but I can at least walk around barefoot outside once and a while. And we can all enjoy a REAL barefoot ride at home on the reg 🙂


Blessings on blessings,

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Mental Gymnastics is supported by a collection of like-minded individuals who have daily happiness practices. They will lend their expertise in various facets of life over time, sharing how and what they've implemented in their lives to achieve a sustainably happy life. Mental Gymnastics was started by Sean Yoon McDevitt, who holds a BA in History from the University of Georgia (while competing as a Division 1 Swimmer), an MBA from the University of Oregon, and an International Association of Meditation Instructors Membership.


  1. So many of current day practices go against our natural roots (pun intended 😉 ), thank you for this reminder to strip ourselves of societal constructs and just be humans 🙂

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the joys of going shoeless – perhaps just the simple act of removing our shoes as we enter our homes will be rewarded.

  3. I love this! It’s right up my ally. Earthing has made my life so much better, not to mention the motivation to start my own gardens to walk through. This act is simple yet crucial, it is such a spiritual feeling ( woo woo, if you will) to feel one with earth and the life around you.

  4. Very interesting… looking ahead to coming back again

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