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EDITOR’S NOTE: The latest from Mental Gymnastics’ contributor and Sow Darling CEO, Angelia Riggs! Check out the notes at the bottom for tips on continuing to “stay woke” and learning more about how magical our world really is <3

Living busy lifestyles, or even living in slower strides, we naturally create patterns and routines. Being a human being, we are wired to such exquisiteness; our brains creating these patterns to help us save energy when we need it for figuring out the difficult tasks and thoughts (i.e. What’s the weather like today? What should I wear? When am I eating?).

Does this happen in nature? Or is this a purely human construct? Turns out, this ability to wire (or re-wire) the brain is found throughout the animal kingdom.

For instance, in an ecosystem if there is a certain species that migrates, or sadly and unfortunately becomes extinct (which is disappointingly becoming more relevant in this day and age), the other species of that same ecosystem will change the vibrational patterns of their minds. The “herd” does this to match the pattern of what is now missing (or in a sense, to replace what is lost) only to keep the harmony among the rest of the species in that ecosystem.

Wow, do you see? Without harmony, all would be off kilter with the universe: both in animals and humans because let’s face it, we’re a part of the animal kingdom, not above it. We need to counteract the negativity that our world is battling now and begin to redesign those alluring harmonious patterns, for happiness and love in our own lives and better yet, the lives that are all around us.

Sooo, imagine the possibilities now! What if we could learn how to use these daily patterns and vibrational frequencies/patterns to emulate happiness and harmony, in our daily lives?

In a fun biological sense, our brains only need to see or do something once and the brain designs a one time pattern it can draw from (also know as “neuronal” pathways). Ergo, every time your brain acquires new information, it creates a new neuronal pathway; so the next time you visit an allied situation your brain can return to that existing pathway.

Developing positive pathways, and turning our association of negative things with now more optimistic things, we can thus hard-wire our brains. This mental retraining leads us and connects us to new perceptions, and better yet, a happier reality!

Disharmony in the world around us is so detrimental to our humanity. So much so that even in the animal kingdom, visible patterns and vibrational patterns are so crucial in keeping harmony among diverse species. Would it hurt us to take a cue from our fellow “roommates” here on Earth?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a great opportunity to “flex one’s digital muscle” and learn how much power each individual has in this reality. Want to further explore the knowledge bombs Angelia just dropped? Google “vibrational frequencies in nature,” “solfeggio frequencies,” “vibrational animal communication,” and related queries. Avid Mental Gymnastics readers know that helpful citation links are usually embedded in each article. Some may call it ‘lazy’ for not including those embeds here, while others would call it ‘teaching a man to fish’ 😉

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  1. A good reminder that the world is not static, nor is the human brain! Love that this post reminds us how adaptable we are and motivates us to DO SOMETHING in our day to day lives to change the world, not simply react to it.

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