Create a Happy Life That's Sustainable
EDITOR’S NOTE: Mental Gymnastics does not receive payments of any kind when recommending this book or others. We simply suggest as another tool to create a happy life that is sustainable. Happy reading! 


You know what the coolest thing about Batman is, right? No, not the car, or the cool hideout, or the amazingly helpful/bestie for life English butler. The coolest thing about Batman are “all his toys” (to quote The (original) Joker), which Batman keeps in his utility belt. Dude has everything in there! From grappling guns and smoke pellets, to a supercomputer and potentially drip-coffee (he’s a comic book character, after all). These items in his utility belt help keep Batman going in his reality, and there’s no way the same principle could apply to OUR reality, in real life, right? But what if we could develop a similar “utility belt” in real life that would help keep US going?


That’s exactly what I found in “Joy on Demand,” the second book from Google’s meditation expert Chade-Meng Tan, whose job title at the search giant is “Jolly Good Fellow”…for real. That’s a good comic book superhero name by the way 😉


“Joy on Demand” provides items that we can use on a daily basis to create happiness in our lives, based on mindfulness practices. If creating happiness in our lives is akin to Batman solving crimes, then “Joy on Demand” provides the items in our real-life utility belt that we can draw on every day to retain our Zen.


And just like Batman, Chade-Meng Tan doesn’t live in a hut off the grid, but rather in a large metropolitan area, which is why I’m a huge fan of what Chade-Meng brings to the table in his book. Similar to previous Mental Gymnastics posts, Chade-Meng outlines daily tips and tricks that we can all use to quiet the chatter in our brains, retain our calm, and ultimately find joy in any situation. Remember that Google is one of the largest companies in the world, with the same initiatives and deadlines all of us have in our 9-5 adventures. This means the practices he recommends can apply to desk jockeys and corporate ladder climbers alike!


I highly recommend “Joy on Demand” and don’t want to give away ALL of the secrets held within, but I can say that many have been written about on Mental Gymnastics before (#shamelessplug). In a nutshell, the path to joy is through mindfulness, and this book shows how we can consistently tap into this infinite capacity for joy that we have within all of us. And for good reason, as the benefits of mindfulness extend to all areas of life: helping our brains function at a higher level, reducing stress by calming the mind and “being the observer of our thoughts,” helping our body function better, achieving greater “success” in our professional and personal lives, and finally – making us more attractive to the outside world. Because who doesn’t love someone in control of their sh*t 🙂


Has “Joy on Demand” helped make you feel more like the “Batman” of your life? Let us know in the comments if you’ve already checked out the helpful book, or please come back after reading to share your thoughts!


Blessings on blessings,
PS – to make this more synchronistic, “Joy on Demand” was recommended by a close friend who was coincidentally working for Google at the time (lol). Thanks for the rec, Jordan!

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Mental Gymnastics is supported by a collection of like-minded individuals who have daily happiness practices. They will lend their expertise in various facets of life over time, sharing how and what they've implemented in their lives to achieve a sustainably happy life. Mental Gymnastics was started by Sean Yoon McDevitt, who holds a BA in History from the University of Georgia (while competing as a Division 1 Swimmer), an MBA from the University of Oregon, and an International Association of Meditation Instructors Membership.

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