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How much love do you have in your life? What kind of love is it? Are there different kinds of love? Wait, I’m confused…

Here at Mental Gymnastics we talk about all kinds of “woo woo” topics, or the happenings in life that can’t quite be explained by science, but are apparent in our lives. I’ve personally gone down the various rabbit holes that are (in no particular order): ancient aliens, hollow earth theory, flat earth theory (I mean, one has to diversify! Lol), different dimensions, astral projection, “disclosure” (have fun Googling that one!), and many others. Through my adventures of staring mainly at a computer screen, amid all the chatter, the only thing I’m sure of is “love.”


Per the homie Tim Ferriss, Oprah once said that there are only two emotions, and everything in our human lives spring from those emotions. What are they you ask? Love and fear. And I have a tendency to agree. A couple examples – when we’re stressed, that’s really just “fear” popping its head up for us high functioning 21st century beings. To “hate,” one has to admit there’s a tendency to “love,” otherwise there’s nothing to compare to the former. As I found on one of my Googling adventures, the opposite of “love” is indifference, not “hate.”


Dare I say more now than ever, we need love in our lives. With the crazy things that happen in the world on a daily basis, things that make us go “hmmm,” the only thing I’m sure of is love. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love the “process.” Love life.


“OK thanks for the gooey feelings inside Sean, but what’s the point?!” The point is, “Love is not a category of relationships. Nor is it something “out there” that you can fall into, or – years later – out of,” states Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, in her book “Love 2.0.” She goes on to explain, “Love blossoms virtually anytime two or more people – even strangers – connect over a shared positive emotion.”


What’s more, in good (general) communication, two individuals can come to feel a single, shared emotion, which is distributed across their two brains. This means that “love” isn’t really isolated to two people in the classical sense, but that our brains are wired to click with other humans. A physical example of this would be the vagus nerve; this little dude stimulates the facial muscles necessary for making eye contact and synchronizing expressions with others. It even assists the little muscles in the inner ear better keep pace with another voice amid background noise. Almost like our earlier theory that amid everything we hear on a daily basis (the “chatter”), love is the one emotion that keeps us connected.


To implement this way of thinking in our lives on a daily basis, one has to “re-wire” their brain (aka practice). When we’re cut off in traffic the first instinct is to throw a fit inside a metal box on wheels, not consider the person in the offending car may be on their way to the hospital, meet a loved one they haven’t seen in years, or just having a bad day (and wouldn’t we ALL appreciate more love during our own bad days). To that end, below are some tips/tracks that have helped me re-frame the world to include more love:


1) Look at people’s faces and smile 🙂 You may make a new friend, or at the very least, notice the world become more cheery around you.


2) Hold doors open / other kind gestures for others that give them more faith in the world.


3) Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. At the end of the day, us humans all share similar emotions and can relate to each other more than we know.


So as the title of this post suggests and as The Beatles sang, all you need is love <3


Blessings on blessings,

About The Author

Mental Gymnastics is supported by a collection of like-minded individuals who have daily happiness practices. They will lend their expertise in various facets of life over time, sharing how and what they've implemented in their lives to achieve a sustainably happy life. Mental Gymnastics was started by Sean Yoon McDevitt, who holds a BA in History from the University of Georgia (while competing as a Division 1 Swimmer), an MBA from the University of Oregon, and an International Association of Meditation Instructors Membership.


  1. Terrific, timely article! Humans – we all need love! Also, enjoyed the throwback Beatles reference.

  2. There is definately a great deal to learn about this subject.
    I like all the points you’ve made.

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